Undergraduate students

David Tran

David is an undergraduate student pursuing a B.S. in Biological Sciences with a Concentration in Systems Physiology as well as a Minor in Chemistry and expects to graduate in 2024.  David is interested in the field of microbiology as well as veterinary medicine. He is currently assisting in research that analyzes the microbiome composition of California gulls with different diets, so he gets to learn about microbes and animals! David spends his weekends working at the Santa Clara Valley Medical Center as a medical lab assistant. Testing COVID specimens has been extremely gratifying for him, but since the peak of the pandemic has passed, he plans to move on from this chapter to learn more about animals as a Vet Assistant. David hopes to become a veterinarian that works in either research, food animals, or companion exotics. He is also considering a career as a clinical lab scientist.


B.S. Biological Sciences, expected gradation May 2024


Diana Alas and Tianna Young analyze data collected from an egg logger placed inside an artificial bird egg.