Dr. Scott Shaffer, Principal Investigator

Dr. Shaffer (he, his, him) is a Professor of Ecology and Evolution in the Department of Biological Sciences at San Jose State University.  He joined the faculty in August 2009 and teaches courses in physiological ecology, general ecology, and conservation biology.    Dr. Shaffer advises graduate students in the Ecology and Evolution Masters of Sciences program area and provides research opportunities for undergraduates interested in field and lab-based experiences.  Although he was formally trained in the field of physiological ecology, Dr. Shaffer’s research interests are broadly ecological.  He and his students primarily focus on understanding the habitat use, foraging ecology, and breeding biology of seabirds in California and the tropical Pacific.  Dr. Shaffer has conducted over 40 field campaigns to sites in Antarctica, French sub-Antarctic islands, New Zealand, Alaska, Svalbard, Mexico, Northwest and main Hawaiian Islands, and many sites along the California coast. In 2022, Dr. Shaffer became a Fellow of the California Academy of Sciences.

Dr. Shaffer visiting an albatross colony at Midway Atoll, Northwest Hawaiian Islands. Photo by H. Weimerskirch

Educational Training

Ph.D. in Biology from the University of California at Santa Cruz (2000)

M.Sc. in Marine Science from the University of California at Santa Cruz (1996)

B.Sc. in Biology from San Diego State University (1993)

Courses Taught

BIOL 31 – Principles of Biology II

BIOL 106 – Physiological Ecology

BIOL 114 – Functional Morphology

BIOL 160 – Ecology

BIOL 163 – Conservation Biology

BIOL 220 – Science Communication

BIOL 255E – Graduate Seminar in Ecology

Contact me:

Dr. Scott Shaffer (he, his, him)

Department of Biological Sciences

San Jose State University

1 Washington Square

San Jose CA 95192-0100

Tel: +1 408 924 4871

Email: Scott.Shaffer@sjsu.edu (preferred)